Covid-19: Eurospace calls for significant measures by the European Union and the Member States to mitigate the impact of the pandemic

The current Covid-19 crisis, leading to a sharp economic slowdown and the dramatic reduction of international trade, will have a heavy toll on the European space sector, and may lead to rapid capability and capacity loss (including skills) that will take years to rebuild if they are not promptly mitigated.

At the highest end of an important value-added stream of services benefiting key public policies (transport, climate change monitoring, security, agriculture…), the European economy and citizens, the European space manufacturing industry is a key enabler of Europe’s wealth and influence in the world, and of its autonomy.

By promoting practical measures, available HERE, that will have lasting effects on the sustainability and competitiveness of the European space sector, Eurospace calls for the determination of the EU and its Member States to bypass the pandemic and to reinvest in public services infrastructures.