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Eurospace Opinion Paper: From “Newspace” to “new space policy”

Despite the growing interest at institutional level, a definition of what is being understood by newspace is regularly lacking and, consequently, the policy objectives are generally unclear, and are too often prone to divide rather than to federate private as well as public stakeholders. Eurospace Secretary General O. Lemaitre and Director of Research P. Lionnet, […]

Action required under EU REACH for continued use of chromium trioxide on space hardware

ASD-Eurospace is pleased to provide a guideline, available HERE, to facilitate compliance for the continued use of chromium trioxide in chemical conversion coatings for space hardware with the authorisation requirement under the EU Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 (REACH). The document aims to inform EU/EEA downstream users of certain formulations containing chromium trioxide, which is included […]

Workshop: Space industry workforce at ESA Administration and Finance Committee

On January 27th 2021, the European Space Agency AFC (Administration and Finance Committee) was hosting an informal workshop to address workforce and recruitment issues at ESA level. Our Research Director Pierre Lionnet was invited by ESA to present a broad view of European space industry employment with the objective to provide AFC members a different […]

Analysis: Current structures of the European space manufacturing industry

What are the current structures of the European space manufacturing industry? Who are the largest employment providers? Where are they located in Europe? What are the relative importance of large groups, midcaps, SMEs, newspace start-ups? The answers to all these questions, and much more, are to be found in the latest analysis of our Research […]

Dasia 25th edition

DASIA 2021 will take place in the period SEPTEMBER 21st to 23rd in BUCHAREST, ROMANIA. More information at: https://dev.eurospace.org//conferences-events/ contact: dasia@eurospace.org  

13th European Space Policy Conference: Interventions of Mr. André-Hubert Roussel, President of Eurospace

On the occasion of the 13th edition of the European Space Policy Conference, Eurospace President Mr. André-Hubert Roussel was invited to address a prestigious panel composed of Mr. Josef Aschbacher, (Incoming Director-General at ESA), Mr. Roberto Viola (Director-General, DG CONNECT), Mr. Timo Pesonen (DG DEFIS) and Mrs. Aarti Holla-Maini (Secretary-General at ESOA). The speech delivered […]

Eurospace is delighted to welcome APCO Technologies as a new Eurospace member

On December 17th 2020, the Eurospace Council unanimously agreed to welcome the 1992-founded Swiss company APCO Technologies into its membership. APCO Technologies specialises in designing and manufacturing of high quality mechanical and electromechanical equipment for the space, energy and naval industry. With premises in Switzerland, France and French Guiana, APCO Technologies is an undisputable added-value […]

Lead Matters publishes Space case study

Lead Matters is a collaborative campaign which showcases this essentiality. Developed by the Lead (Pb) REACH Consortium (PbRC), a voluntary initiative managed by the International Lead Association (ILA), it supports over 40 sectors in highlighting the vital, safe and sustainable use of lead in their industries. A suite of case studies has been developed in […]